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Caroline + Michelle at Ballymagarvey


Second shooting for Caroline and Michelle, I'm so proud to be a part of a same sex marriage for the first time on my wedding photography journey.

I was excited and couldn't wait to be there with the girls on their wedding day. The day turned out to be damp. The rain was drizzling happily to the arrival of Caroline and Michelle at Ballymagarvey where they planned to put on their dresses and for their wedding ceremony.

Once I saw them I felt like I belonged there. They were so open and so overwhelmingly personable. The whole atmosphere around them was relaxed and natural as if they were marrying each other every weekend.

Caroline and Michelle designed their own dresses explaining that it was very hard to find something that they liked and I love that decision!

The rain stopped drizzling as the ceremony ended. We enjoyed taking pictures outside. 

Throughout the day I could observe their mutual unconditional understanding, their love and their happiness. 

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