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Laura+John at Tankardstown Hotel (Second Shooting)


This was a warm and beautiful day in May! At St Patrick's Church in Slane Laura and John were about to get married.
We met the couple at the church where we started our day with everyone being on time and waiting patiently at first...

The bridesmaids arrived earlier than Laura, announcing that the singer for the church will not be arriving... They were in a minor car crash, nothing major. And so the running around began, trying to figure out how to play the music in the church!

Everyone started anticipating impatiently the arrival of the bride....

And when Laura did arrive... She had a big smile on her face, laughing at what happened to the singers... She couldn't believe the ods!

As her dad took her down the aisle, a team of organised guests played a song from someone's iPhone...

Which as as good and as touching as ever...

As the ceremony progressed the newlyweds couldn't have been more happy to be standing there married in front of their friends and family...

Kids never miss an opportunity to enjoy the sun!

And finally we are at Tankardstown Hotel! 

John and Laura were extremely romantic and soft couple fitting in right into their surroundings... 

The two little flower girls were the most patient and sweet kids...

And finally the brightest, softest and cosy Dining Room of Tankardstown's Hotel!

Main Photographer: Brenda McGuire Photography
Second Shooting: Katya Koliban
Venue: Tankardstown Hotel

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